What is Screenfly and how to use it?

Hello, today, we will know about how to check website responsiveness. All bloggers listen about responsive web design, device friendly, and responsive websites, and they know what it is, but they can’t check website manually is responsive or not. So today, we will help every blogger and developer to know about his site is responsive […]

What is HTML Live Editor and How to Use it?

You know Html CSS and JavaScript, and you want to do more practice for making faster, smother your web designing languages. So today I am telling you the best method to increase your web designing skills and you can practice here without distractions and more annoying problems. This is an HTML CSS and Javascript Live […]

How To Install Blogger Template

Log in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard, click the Theme. Click the Backup / Restore Button. Get a new popup window open now Write list… Click on the theme to get your template back to the current template. You can upload a template from a template to another template without uploading any errors. […]